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Different ways to use Sea Moss gel

Never bleached with chemicals & no fertilizers used ever

Rare Vibez sea moss gel is pre-soaked & soaked in alkaline water with fresh lime to ensure a thorough cleanse.
Our sea moss gel is hand made from wild-crafted Irish sea moss and natural spring water.

What makes our Sea Moss different?

• RVHH only use only Wildcrafted & Our sea moss also goes through clearance by the US Department of Homeland Security!

• RVHH Sea moss gel is “gel-like” consistency, a silky smooth texture with NO additional grainy particles or sand like textures.

•We use Alkaline water to clean & prepare the sea moss.

• Our sea moss is prepared with healing crystals & love for healing bodies!

• Our sea moss will surely boost your immune system because the water it is grown in has no pollutants or industrial ships. Pure and Rich mineral water only!


Refrigerate Sea Moss Gel IMMEDIATELY upon delivery.

1-2 TBS is the recommended amount daily

It can be kept in the fridge up to 5 weeks (sealed glass jar/container for storage) * you can store in the freezer for 2- 3 months.

How long does each supply last ?

8 oz = 12-16 TBS (2 WEEKS)
16 oz = 24 - 32 TBS (1 MONTH)
32 oz = 48 - 64 TBS (2 MONTHS)


BLEND IT:  The most basic way, after raw consumption, is to blend your Seamoss into juices, teas, waters, and/or smoothies. Mixed with raw fruits, veggies, or even plain water is a great way to consume more of this mineral-dense superfood.

Again, odorless and tasteless so you cannot lose! You’re literally just adding nutrients to your life. 


Easily enough, you can add Seamoss to any sauce. Whether it be apple sauce, pesto sauce, tomato pasta sauce, all soups, jelly, and jams, or macaroni and cheese sauce!

            Add to your salsas and cheeses too

You can add Seamoss to your cooked or cooled meals and snacks. I’ve even mashed it into some French onion dip, because the only thing better than dip is mineral-rich Seamoss dip! 


PUREE IT:  If you puree any foods, throw a TBS of Seamoss in it. Seamoss is great for children & the elderly because it’s a God-made superfood dedicated to regenerating the body. As long as it’s sourced properly, which mines are, it’s safe to purée into any and all of the pureed foods you may create for your loved ones!

From soups to apple sauces, to mashed potatoes, and so much more. Their taste buds won’t take a hit from the added nutrition, because again it is odorless and tasteless, and their bodies will be grateful.

TOPICAL TREATMENT:  Add Seamoss to your skincare regimen. Whether it be a pure Seamoss face mask, a hair or body clay mask, or adding in soaps, it can help your skin recover from damage.

After all, Seamoss is a natural collagen It helps to tighten the skin & minimize pores while adding mineral when used for face skin care. 


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