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Palo Santo

Product image 1This wood has many benefits:  Brings positive energies. Brings creativity & joy. Attracts luck. Relaxing and soothing
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PALO SANTO - 4" piece of wood
This smudge stick, whose name means "holy wood," comes from South America.
Palo Santo combats negative energy and helps clear away negative thoughts and misfortune. It has a very uplifting aroma and is great for keeping your space grounded, especially before meditation or creative activity. It's also wonderful for outdoors keeping away mosquitos or flies 

How to use it?

1) Burn the wooden stick for a few moments to light it well.
2) Blow or ventilate to bring in the embers this will give off a slight smoke.
3) Direct it, to the place you want to purify, to renew as soon as the ember sets out.
The smell it gives off is incomparable, with a sweet and woody sweetness.

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